Eugene Robinson: ‘Trump Has Become a Genuine Candidate for President’

‘I can’t believe I’m saying it’

ROBINSON: “-- try to out-Trump Trump. – [crosstalk] -- I`m sorry. It`s not going to work.”

MATTHEWS: “Anyway, here`s the latest polling –“

CORN: “They`re going to try!”

MATTHEWS: “-- he continues to lap the field. In new a Fox News poll just out now making headlines, Trump leads with 25 percent. He`s 13 points ahead of Ben Carson and 15 points ahead of Ted Cruz. Jeb Bush is in single digits. Something`s not working for Jeb. By the way, he`s very pro- immigration. Anyway, Trump is narrowing the gap against Hillary Clinton. Now, this is the big number, this is a Fox number, but in June, Clinton, Mrs. Clinton, the secretary, trounced Trump by 17 points in a hypothetical match-up. It`s not getting so hypothetical, actually. Now Clinton`s leading – (Laughter) -- Trump by just 5 points, 5 points! That`s also –“ [Crosstalk]

ROBINSON: “Couple things have happened. One, Trump has become a genuine candidate for president of the United States. Now, I think we have to agree on that. He is a candidate, and people are saying he could be a candidate. I can`t I am saying it.“[Crosstalk]

MATTHEWS: “Anybody here think --[Crosstalk] -- OK, Is it plausible? I want to test this.” 

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