CNN’s Acosta Dings Biden Admin on Taliban Resurgence: ‘Won’t Admit’ They Were Caught by Surprise, ‘But They Were’

‘I think everyone was caught by surprise at the extent to which this has collapsed’

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ACOSTA: “Why do you think the Biden administration was caught by surprise in all of this? They won’t admit it, but they were.”

ZAKARIA: “Yeah, I think everyone was caught by surprise at the extent to which this has collapsed. The most important thing to look at in all of this, Jim, is when the Taliban has been taking these cities, Kandahar, Kunduz, Herat, there have been very few casualties. What does that mean? The Afghan army is not actually fighting. It is melting away. That is a 300,000-person army, trained for 20 years with, as you say, tens of billions of dollars of American money with an air force. And it just doesn’t fight. It melts away.” 

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