Tucker Wishes MSNBC, ‘Race Lady’ Joy Ann Reid, and Rachel Maddow a Happy Birthday with ‘Maximum Cultural Imperialism’

‘May the dreams you hold dear be the ones that come true’


CARLSON: “Broadcasting that crap 24 hours a day, shades of Kigali in '94. We regret to inform you that tomorrow, we'll be killed with our families. It's pretty ugly, but we're going to rise above it tonight and wish the woman you just saw, the race lady, along with Jeb Bush's former flak, the Rachel Maddow impersonator, and most sincerely, Rachel Maddow herself, a very happy birthday. And we're going to do it with maximum cultural imperialism. As the Irish say on occasions like this, may your life be full of gladness and health and your pocket full of gold as the least of your wealth. May the dreams you hold dear be the ones that come true. May all the kindness you spread keep coming back to you. Happy Birthday, MSNBC.”

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