Hilton: We Need a Border Wall to Keep People Out and We Should Be Proud How Everyone Wants To Come Here

‘America needs a border wall’


HILTON: “My parents grew up under communism in Hungary. My stepfather, also Hungarian, literally escaped across the border during the 1956 revolution. Yeah, they had a border wall. It was to keep people in. America needs a border wall to keep people out, because too many people, black, brown, all races from all over the world want to come here. Does that sound like a place to be ashamed of? Of course not. It's something to be incredibly proud of, the fact that this country is the number one choice for anyone seeking opportunity. And when people do come here, in the legal way, it's the only place in the world that truly fully welcomes everyone into the national family on equal terms. You can move to Britain, but they will never consider you British. Not really. Try becoming a French citizen, see if they'll let you call yourself French. Or China? Forget about it. Who wants to move to China anyway? There's a reason they don't have a border crisis and it's not a good one. But here, anyone can become an American. I just did.”

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