Kasich on Message He’d Use Against Hillary: ‘I’m the Son of a Mailman’

‘I understand the concerns of all the folks across this country — some of whom have trouble making ends meet’

KASICH: "Let's start off with my father being a mailman. I understand the concerns of all the folks across this country. Some of whom have trouble making ends meet. But I think she will come in the narrow way. The nominee of this party, if they're going to win has got to come at it in a big way, which is pro growth. Which is balancing budgets. We were talking about it. People were saying, 'Could we do it?' I was the chairman of the budget committee and the lead architect the last time it happened in Washington. When we did it, we had great economic growth. We cut taxes and we had a big surplus. Economic growth is the key. Economic growth is the key to everything."

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