Avlon: Obama Is Speaking Out Against Election Subversion, Which Is ‘the Downstream Effect of the Big Lie’

‘Folks need to realize it raises the stakes for delegitimizing our democracy going forward’


AVLON: "And this goes beyond sort of the breaking of decorum between not criticizing presidents, but focusing on a future threat that’s looming. It’s being enacted in states. What he’s talking about is raising consciousness beyond the issue of voter suppression, which is urgent, but to something new and even potentially more troubling, which is election subversion; a lot of these efforts in states to undercut the power of secretaries of states that have shown any kind of independence to put the state legislature in charge of those elections. That sets up a future potential conflict where they could try to overturn the results of these elections. This is the downstream effect of the big lie. It’s being instituted in state legislatures right now, there's an effort in Arizona, Brad Raffensperger of Georgia was basically cut out of the loop by the state legislature. So this is serious stuff, but folks need to realize it raises the stakes for really delegitimizing our democracy going forward."

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