FNC’s Faulkner Calls out Dem Surrogate Over CRT: ‘Do You Think My Black Kids Don’t Know the History?’

‘Aren’t we already doing that in our schools?’


FAULKNER: "Wouldn’t that be great? No matter who said it, right, Laura? Laura, you know, I’m curious, if -- if you can speak to this, because you -- you see almost like a redefining by Democrats now with CRT. What does the critical race theory mean to you?"
FINK: "Well, let me tell you, just frame it a little bit, because what do you do when the economy is roaring like your Uncle Steve at a Jimmy Buffett concert, when Biden is popular and Americans are back in classrooms and ball parks and on the job? You create a wedge issue. And this is historically what the right has done. And so this is being mobilized because they want to divide people on the basis of race. And what is critical race theory? It's acknowledging our history, not just slavery, which of course, we’re acknowledging today. But it's also --"
FAULKNER: "Aren’t we already doing that in our schools though?"
FINK: "But it's also --" [crosstalk]
FAULKNER: "Do you think my black kids don’t know the history? And they -- they go to public school.”

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