CNN’s Keilar to Axelrod: How Do Republicans Stand Up Without Signing Their Political Death Certificates?

‘How do they do that without signing their political death certificates?’


KEILAR: "But with so many outlets, there’s no way around it. It’s so essential that we do know what they are saying because it’s taking hold. But I just wonder, you talk about Republicans needing to stand up, how do they do that without signing their political death certificates?"

AXELROD: "Yeah, well, and that’s where Trump comes in because he’s the big gun on that side. And he is — he's made it clear. You know, when he lays his hand on candidates or public officials, they have a kind of immunity because the Republican base still follows Trump. But, you know, leadership, you know, leadership means something. Leaders should be leaders. And at some point, the leaders have to stand up. We saw — you’re right. We saw what happened, you know, to Liz Cheney, and these are negative examples for people, and they send a message that if we dissent, we lose. But, you know, there is strength in numbers and if more people stand up, you can gain some momentum. But the reality is that this populist right-wing base is the base of the Republican Party right now. Paul Ryan does not represent majority thinking within the Republican Party and that is the reality right now."

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