Joe Concha: Chris Cuomo Nothing but a PR Extension for His Brother

‘People see Chris Cuomo for what he is, simply an extension — a PR extension’


CONCHA: “Look, I'd love to say CNN, at least the executives there, are going to take serious issue with this and reprimand Cuomo in some way, shape, or form, but that’s not going to happen. You'll see him back on the air tonight most likely and there won’t be any sort of consequences whatsoever, when in the past, this sort of thing got you fired. Now, here’s the good news for people who may have found Chris Cuomo’s interviewing of his brother, if you want to even call it that. It was more like PR, distasteful. Last year he was riding high from a ratings perspective, now he couldn’t even draw 900,000 viewers in prime time last night. Just to put that in perspective, Tucker Carlson drew two million more than Chris Cuomo. So the mighty have fallen in this situation because people see Chris Cuomo for what he is, simply an extension — a PR extension for his brother in Albany."

(via Fox News)

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