Ron Johnson: CDC Should Investigate the Vaccine Deaths Further

‘I am concerned about them trying to push it onto children’

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JOHNSON: "So we need to be honest. I think my role as a United States senator is not to encourage or discourage people taking vaccine, but to make sure the government is transparent and the people have all the information. I know you've come under a great deal of attack for just pointing out the VAERS system, you know, the early warning system about the vaccines. We have over 3,000 deaths that have occurred within the first 30 days of being vaccinated, and 45% of those occur on day zero, one, or two. Listen, I’m not saying the vaccine is the cause of those deaths, but what I am saying is that is something that we should seriously consider and we should investigate that further. And unfortunately, I think CDC is just kind of blowing that off."

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