Mark Warner: I Wish the President Had Not Taken User Fees Off the Table

‘I think user fees make sense’


WARNER: “Let me before I answer that to say I wish the president had not taken user fees off the table, whether it be a gas tax or whether it be vehicle miles traveled. I think user fees make sense and they need some bipartisan support. On -- on business taxes, I don't we've gone from being kind of middle and high end on business taxes compared to other nations. After the 2017 Republican tax giveaway, we are the lowest taxed businesses in the world. Out of the 35 industrial nations in the world we come in dead last. We raise about 1 percent of our GDP in business taxes. Other nations like Canada, like Japan, like Britain raise about 3 percent of -- of their GDP in business taxes. So, I am in favor of raising those business taxes, not to make us the highest -- I probably wouldn’t go as far as 28 percent on the corporate rate.”

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