Katie Pavlich: ‘The Biden Administration Is Engaging in Human Trafficking’

‘They’re taking these kids and delivering them to unvetted sponsors in the United States’


PAVLICH: “But, back to the video. The reason this video is so compelling because we hear about smuggling. You hear about these stories. But now we are seeing what the smuggling looks like and we are seeing the ruthlessness of the cartels and you can watch that unfortunately, those little girls getting dropped over the fence is probably the least horrific thing that happened to them when they were being smuggled. And the Biden administration is engaging in human trafficking because they are enabling this to happen. And then they are taking these kids and delivering them to unvetted, quote, sponsors in the United States and when that happened under Obama, we found out a lot of those people were actually sex offenders themselves. So, they are enabling and they are part of this third leg of the human trafficking process from Central America and the way that you stop that is by reimplementing the remain in Mexico issue and saying you have to claim asylum if it’s a real asylum claim in your home country, not when you get into the United States.”

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