Ga. State Rep.: Georgia New Voting Law Is About ‘White Suppression and White Supremacy’

‘Jim Crow basically did not want African-Americans to vote’


MCLEOD: "You know, that’s one of the parts, but I think the most egregious part is actually the possibility of counties and states being taken over by an election -- the state election board. And that is dangerous because you are talking about what Donald Trump asked the secretary -- our secretary of state to do, was to find him 11,001 vote. That could be easily done if he could go from state to state. And so we are really calling up right now on the Congress. We are calling up on Congress to basically pass H.R. 1, and Congressman Lewis Voting Rights Act. This -- it is either going to be about our republic and our represented democracy or it's going to be about white suppression and white supremacy. We have to make a decision on what we want. Do we want this country to be the country that it wants to be or do we want it to go back in time. That’s a simple question that we have to ask and that's the simple one that Congress needs to answer."

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