Rep. Moulton: Tucker Carlson’s Views on Women in Military Would Be Extreme for 1950s

‘And that seems to be a more appropriate place for Tucker Carlson to have his talk show’

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MOULTON: “First of all, can you just clarify for me, did Tucker Carlson, does he know anything about serving the country? Has he ever put on the uniform? Has he ever risked his life to America? The answer is no to all three. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. It’s offensive not just to women in the military but to men in the military too. It’s offensive to leaders in the military. It’s offensive to everyone who’s willing to put on a uniform to defend our basic values. And by the way, it’s also offensive to women in the workplace all over America. These views would be extreme for the 1950s and that seems to be a more appropriate place for Tucker Carlson to have his talk show. But I think given the audience that he commands, it was appropriate for the Pentagon to respond.”

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