Jim Webb: ‘No Excuse’ for What Donald Trump Said About McCain

‘I believe if Donald Trump had taken the opportunity to serve our country ... he would have a different feeling about these kinds of things’

WEBB: “I believe if Donald Trump had taken the opportunity to serve our country, could have volunteered like a lot of people did, he would have a different feeling about these kinds of things that he’s saying in his vituperative personal attacks. It’s one thing to talk about issues, but when you’re talking about military service you’re talking about duty and honor and dignity.

And actually the comments that he made a few weeks ago about Mexican-Americans insulted a lot of our veterans. I have a couple of Mexican-American marine veterans who were in my unit in Vietnam who were really inflamed with these comments. One of them wrote a letter to Mr. Trump and said any time you want, come back and talk to us about military service. Oh, you didn’t go. Now, I’d known John McCain for a very long time, a great respect for him. I don’t agree with him. You don’t have to agree with him to understand the daily courage that it takes, and took, when people are prisoners of war undergoing uncertainties of whether they are going to come home or not — and as you mentioned so well, how badly injured he was –“.

RADDATZ: “Just quickly on that, you heard what Mr. Trump said. I said he was a war hero because he was captured. Was he backing off a little, or will that help at all, or just make it worse?”

WEBB: “Well, what he said was — there’s no excuse for it. And, you know, he can talk about veterans issues. We all care about veterans issues. And as I said, this goes to all veterans when they hear those sorts of things, because you’re talking about the dignity of service when you say things like that. And there’s no way to take away the courage, the daily courage people like John McCain faced in those years of incarceration.”

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