Fmr. Rep. Riggleman: Marjorie Taylor Greene Playing with the Base a Lot Better than Liz Cheney

‘As far as votes, I’d rather be Marjorie Taylor Greene’


RIGGLEMAN: "As far as votes and where the party is going, I’d rather be Marjorie Taylor Greene. You look at someone who's gotten very famous, and I've heard some people say she's stupid. I reject that. There’s an old saying, if you’re stupid, you’re stupid like a fox. And she’s become very famous by pushing this bit of nonsense. And I say bit of nonsense as an understatement. She is sort of the verbal equivalent of getting famous through a sex tape. I mean, that's truly what it's about. She’ll say anything and do anything to get any type of press coverage. And when you see even lately, as soon as recent as December of 2020, Chuck, she was defending QAnon after a Business Insider article. So, I’m not quite sure at what point that we have more people starting to speak up, but I think it comes to one thing, I don’t know if anybody’s mentioned this, but I’ll mention it to you, I think it’s polling. I think you’re seeing the differences between McConnell and McCarthy is based on polling, look at the districts where this type of Stop the Steal messaging is actually playing with the base. And right now Marjorie Taylor Greene is playing with the base a lot better than Liz Cheney."

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