Graham: ‘Absolutely’ We Should Consider Removing Confederate Memorials, Graves

‘I am willing to talk to anybody about this’

BERMAN: "Speaker Boehner is putting together a committee to discuss how to deal with confederate symbols in Washington on federal land and again, do you stand by that move to discuss it? Do you believe there needs to be changes going forward --" 

GRAHAM: "Sure." 

BERMAN: "Looking forward right now, you think there needs to be new consideration about these symbols in places like cemeteries in national parks?" 

GRAHAM: "Let's evaluate what we're going to do going forward, what's the right thing to do? Do you close all the cemeteries? Do you dig the confederate dead up?" 

BERMAN: "That's going much farther I think than anyone is discussing right here. The specific discussion right now in Congress was about flags flying at cemeteries, I believe confederate memorials. Do you think they should be allowed to fly?" 

GRAHAM: "Let's have that discussion. I don't know if a cemetery where we're honoring the dead is different than having the flag out in front of the state capitol. If it is the same, let's remove the flag. If it's different, let's explain to each other why. At what point in time do we look at all the monuments and memorials in American history, Civil War included and before, and how do we reconcile with each other, how do we take the symbols that are divisive? Is a cemetery different than a war memorial outside the state capitol? I am willing to talk to anybody about this. I want to be a better American, I want us to be a stronger America because we're all in this now. ISIL wants to kill us all, the Iranians don't like any of us. What does it take to be a better America? That's what I'm looking for."

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