CNN’s Jim Acosta Calls Twitter Ban an ‘Emasculating Moment’ for Trump: ‘His Toys Are Being Taken Away from Him’

‘The president is not dealing with reality, he’s been unstable’


ACOSTA: “He was plotting a procedural coup and he was strong arming the vice president and trying to get senator to go along with some sort of procedural coup when they were certifying Joe Biden’s election, in terms of what he’s been doing the last couple of days, this White House has been in crisis management mode, they have been reaching out to outside lawyers of the potential for impeachment and potential for the vice president’s cabinet invoking the 25th amendment. I don’t think it will happen at this point. There had been many meetings. The president is not dealing with reality, he’s been unstable and ranting and raving and so on and in terms of taken off on Twitter makes you wonder what he’s going to do next? In a way will be seen by the president as a provacative act, he’s emasculated by Twitter. If you think about it and Dana was eluded about this, of all the toys that Donald Trump likes to play with is his Twitter account that he prides it most of all. Taking it away from him is like an emasculating moment like when Air Force One are taken away from him and his toy is taken away and it is not going to sit well with this president.”

(Via Mediaite)

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