Brian Stelter on Trump’s Twitter Account Suspension: This Is the First Time a World Leader Has Been Banned

‘This is a moment in silicon Valley history, as well as a moment in political history’


STELTER: "This is a moment in Silicon Valley history, as well as a moment in political history. And this has significance all around the world, Wolf. So many world leaders use Twitter to communicate. But this is a historic moment where Twitter has stepped in and said no, that world leader, the United States president, is too dangerous to use our platform. It is an astonishing thing that technology companies like Twitter and Facebook feel they have to protect the public from the American president, they have to take away his keys because they don’t trust him to get behind the wheel. It does speak to the power of technology companies. And I think many Trump supporters will hear about this and say this just proves that Trump is being censored, he’s being punished, he’s being hurt by Silicon Valley. But censorship is not the right word here, Wolf, this has nothing to do with the First Amendment.” 

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