Pelosi: After Death of Kate Steinle, Congress Has ‘Moral Responsibility’ on Gun Control

‘We must do more as a nation to prevent dangerous people from getting easy access to guns, and Congress has a moral responsibility to act’

“Last week, in San Francisco, our city suffered our own senseless act of gun violence with the killing of Kathryn Steinle, and our thoughts and prayers are very much with her family. Today, we must do more as a nation to prevent dangerous people from getting easy access to guns. And Congress has a moral responsibility to act. What is so unclear? What do they not understand about that? The memory of these victims, the cries of their families deserve action – results, not words. Today, we will say: we will not accept a status quo defined by the daily tragedy and grief endured by so many communities. We will not accept ‘the unique mayhem that gun violence inflicts upon this nation,’ as the President Obama so eloquently stated in Charleston. The American people deserve a vote to finish the job, starting with comprehensive background checks. We’ve had this conversation over and over again. We’ve always said: to us, in Dan’s spirit, it is inevitable that this legislation will pass. To some here, it may seem inconceivable that they will bring a vote to the floor. With 90 percent of the public supporting gun background checks, we must shorten the distance between the inevitable to us and the inconceivable to them, to finish the job.”

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