Chicago Mayor on Vaccine Mandate: ‘We Can’t Live in a World Where Only Certain People Are Taking the Vaccine’

‘That won’t help anybody’


LIGHTFOOT: "Well, look, I always think it’s better to educate people into compliance if we can, but we can’t live in a world where only certain people are taking the vaccine and some are opting out. That won’t help anybody and that will perpetuate the spread of this incredibly deadly virus. So, we’re looking at a range of options, but our first choice, obviously, is educating people into compliance, demonstrating to them the safety of the vaccine. I will take the vaccine, as will my leadership team, and we’re encouraging people of good will and faith across the city to do the same. And I think once we see that trend and influencers, whether it’s local elected officials, whether it’s local stakeholders, people in the faith community, we’ll see the trend turn in the right direction."

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