Geraldo: Trump Is ‘On the Wrong Course’ To Help Georgia Republicans

‘I think he has got to take a real gut check between now and Saturday’


RIVERA: “What she just said is exactly the issue, Martha. If people lose faith in Georgia’s electoral system and not show up then they will be gifting Democrats control of the United States Senate. The stakes are so very high. They are astronomical. As a person who has been accused of giving the president too much of the benefit of the doubt, I can’t imagine why the Republican senators aren’t rallying around the Georgia Republicans, the secretary of state and the governor there and saying that the system in Georgia is — will work. You’ve got to vote. Everything is at stake here. Rather than attacking the system, not only in Georgia but nationwide, undermines faith in the system, discourages people. I think that the president is on the wrong course here. I think he has got to take a real gut check between now and Saturday. With all due respect, and you know I love the guy.”

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