Tucker: Ron Klain Is in Joe Biden’s Cabinet to Lobby for Big Tech

‘The corporate media did not report it’


CARLSON: “We can laugh at it. Much has been happening quietly, and you are not supposed to notice as it does. And Joe Biden, for example, named Ron klain to be his chief of staff, the media played it totally straight, he was picked because he is one of Ida’s most trusted campaign advisors. Who writes this crap? They went through his whole résumé, from birth to present, but they left something out, and they did it on purpose. Ron klain was appointed in 2016 to the executive council, something called technet. Do you know that is? Oh, you don’t, then you don’t work in Silicon Valley. If you did, you would know that technet is the trade group that represents big tech in Washington, they are lobbyists, now they have their man in the White House. That seems like a story. But the corporate media did not report it. They didn’t want you to know, so they didn’t say anything. They also didn’t mention that according to emails uncovered by Wikileaks in 2015, Ron klain wrote this, “It’s been a little hard for me to play such a role in the Biden demise, and I am definitely dead to them, but I’m glad to be on team Hillary, and I’m glad she had a great debate last night.” Wait a minute.”

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