Matthews: Voters Like Trump Because He’s a ‘Comic Book Hero’ and ‘Sinatra Kinda Guy’

‘He has a lot of money and he seems to be enjoying it and talks like us’

Chris Matthews: Voters like Trump Because He’s a ‘Comic Book Hero’ and ‘Sinatra Kinda Guy’ (NewsBusters)

Of all the pundits out there that could make this comparison, it seems somewhat fitting and all the more amusing that on Wednesday’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews credited 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s success in polls to the idea that he’s a “comic book hero” and “Sinatra kinda guy” that connects with Republican primary voters.

At the top of his MSNBC show, Matthews wondered if “there’s an outside chance” that “this comic book hero could actually take off” seeing as how he “talks to the Republican gut on ISIS, on illegal immigrants, on Obama, and politicians period.”

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