Abrams: Trump Needs to Acknowledge ‘Legal Sufficiency’ of Election, ‘As I Did’

‘Look, we have the right as Americans to litigate, to challenge, and to call into question, but we do not have the right to our own facts, and we do not have the right to manufacture evidence’


ABRAMS: “But, as I did in 2018, I acknowledged the legal sufficiency of the election. I just simply challenged the system that allowed voters to be disenfranchised. It is time now for Donald Trump to acknowledge that the legal sufficiency of the system says that he is no longer the president, and unlike what happened to me, where we had enough evidence to go to federal court and to see changes made, he has to admit that there is no evidence of widespread fraud. He can continue to fight, but he’s going to lose.”

(h/t Breitbart)

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