NBC: Gun Ownership ‘Shaped by Headlines About Mass Shootings;’ ‘Inevitably Political’

‘It’s a generation shaped by headlines about mass shootings, but not in the ways you might expect’

LAUER: “The tragic mass shooting in Charleston has renewed questions about gun control and the gun culture in this country. So, we sent MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow out to meet the new face of gun ownership.”

FARROW: “It's a generation shaped by headlines about mass shootings, but not in the ways you might expect.”
WEISS: It really underscored in my mind that shooting is actually a martial art. And with any martial art, it can be an art form, it can teach focus and discipline and kind of like, for lack of a better word, zen. But on the other side it can be used for, you know, evil in the wrong hands.”
FARROW: “But what do you say to people who say Karate can't wipe out of a whole school of children?”

FARROW: As you saw, these young people acknowledge the dangers of gun violence, but, Matt, they are passionate about their beliefs and they say their generation is overlooked a lot.”
LAUER: “Yeah, but when you talk about them being passionate about their beliefs, are they looking at it this from the constitutional side or the coolness side?”
FARROW: “So what makes this angle interesting to me is we found many of them aren't thinking of this in political terms to the extent that you would expect. But the thing is, with the amount of gun violence in this country, it's inevitably political. They have these issues to contend with, even if they love their hobby for other reasons.”


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