Huckabee: A ‘Secretly Written Constitution’ Appoints the Media To Certify Who Gets To Be President

‘ — and why even wait for the votes to be counted?’


HUCKABEE: "You know, there's something that, Laura, you don’t seem to understand. The Constitution was secretly rewritten so that it’s no longer the voters who make the decision, it’s the media networks who get to make the decision as to who is the president. And why even wait for the votes to be counted? No need for that. Why wait for them to be certified? They know what they want and they want it now. But here’s what I think is a little interesting. Joe Biden hadn’t quite been certified yet. It’s always better to heat the oven before you put the biscuits in. It’s better to shoot the deer before you try to put it in the freezer. And I think Joe may be getting a little ahead of himself out here."

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