Chuck Schumer: Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Will Take Away American’s Rights

‘Will take away America’s progress’


SCHUMER: “Well, what they should expect and what they should see is how the nominees — the nominee that the president will pose pos a real threat to Americans in their lives. This is not just a game of Politics, Democrats, Republicans. This nominee and a conservative right-wing court will take away America’s rights, will take away America’s progress. Let’s look at the issue of health care. 130 million Americans have the protection for pre-existing conditions and the insurance company can’t pull the rug out from under them. As we speak, Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts are in court — the case will come before the Supreme Court on the 14th of November as to whether this should be taken away, whether ObamaCare should be eliminated, whether 10 million people will lose their health care. But it’s not just health care, as important as that is. It’s also voting rights.”

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