Trump: With Biden as President, His Friends from the Radical Left Will Be Running the Gov’t

‘Radical left judges, and that has to do with your Second Amendment’


TRUMP: “He is off. Okay? He’s off. I have no problem sing anymore because this is disinformation. This is not just information, this is fact. If he is elected, his radical supporters will not just be causing mayhem on the streets, they will be running the department of justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Education, and most importantly, they will put many judges on the United States per to Supreme Court. We can’t have thought, we’ll have a totally different country. Radical left judges, and that has to do with your Second Amendment. That has to do with the right to life, it has the right to so many different things that will turn your world upside down. Whoever is the next president, hopefully that’s going to be us, not me, us. Us.”

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