‘Morning Joe’ Rips Clinton Campaign for Denying Access to Daily Mail Reporter

‘It isn’t actually that hard; just let the reporter in to the event’

BRZEZINSKI: “More than a dozen of the nation’s biggest media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post are expressing frustration with the Clinton campaign after reporter wasn’t allowed to cover an event. When an event is too small for the entire press core to attend, they pool coverage from a single designated reporter. But David Martosko of the Daily Mail who was designated full reporter for print media with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire says the Secret Service wouldn’t let him go to the first poll event on Monday.” 
[clip starts]
MARTOSKO: “I think the real reason is between dinner time yesterday when they e-mailed me a confirmation saying you are the pool reporter and here is where to go — at midnight when they changed their mind, they looked at our reporting … This happened twice by the way. I came right over here from an evening event, where Mrs. Clinton was the keynote speaker at a Flag Day dinner held by the Manchester Democratic Party. I showed up again and said, I’m the designated pool reporter.’ And I was told, ‘You need to leave.’”
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SCARBOROUGH: “So Clinton campaign spokesman first told to reporter that the paper did not qualify because it was not a part of the regular print pool for the White House. But it also said they had nothing to do with –“ [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “So was anyone allowed in?” 
SCARBOROUGH: “—Daily Mail being considered foreign press. The spokesman later told Politico: ‘We have been working to create an equitable system, and have had some concerns expressed by foreign outlets about not being a part of the rotation.’ Blah, blah, blah, blah. Nick.”
CONFESSORE: “You know, it isn’t actually that hard.”
SCARBOROUGH: “It is not that hard.”
CONFESSORE: “Just let the reporter into the event. The event is going to be her talking and doing her event. There isn’t a huge loss to anybody.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “So does the Daily Mail have a reputation of being more conservative outlet?” 
CONFESSORE: “You know, I think it’s a British tabloid and they do a lot of stuff online. I don’t really have a great sense of what their coverage is. But the point is the campaign doesn’t get to pick. If you are in the pool, the pool decides who covers it. The pool, itself, is a — ” [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “All those organizations.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “Yeah, I mean that Daily –“
BRZEZINSKI: “They’re [logged] out?” 
SCARBOROUGH: “The Daily Mail has such a massive, massive online presence, massive in the United States and across the world. They would probably be the last people I’d want to piss off.” 
CONFESSORE: “The whole point of the pool is to send it back a very straight report of what happened at this very normal event. That’s it. When you shut out that reporter, you are shutting out all those other outlets form your event.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “I think the Daily Mail was — Alex was telling me, also, they were the ones that reported that Hillary was bussing in people in Iowa for her sort of ‘meet-the-people deal.’ They also beat The New York Times to the story that we were all talking about a couple of days ago.”

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