Rove: Harris Barely Won Calif. AG Race Against a Republican Prosecutor

‘He’s not exactly the best candidate in the world’


ROVE: “We did not hear her condemning the violence and the riots in that town. So we know she is by these impromptu comments. I also agree with what the panel said. She's not exactly the best candidate in the world. She didn’t set everybody on fire in the Democratic presidential primary. And remember, she barely won the race for Attorney General over a bland, well-qualified but bland southern California Republican prosecutor. In that great state of California, far-left state, she barely won the Attorney General's race. She’s good on the inside politics. Look at all the oppo dumps on poor Karen Bass. There’s only one person all that stuff came from, and it's Kamala Harris' operation. I do think this. Politically, she’s going to be for Biden, the attack machine. She is going to be going after President Trump. And President Trump is a great counter-puncher, but he ought to remember she is not the target. When she attacks him, he ought to use it is an opportunity to attack Biden. If she goes after the President on an issue, he goes after Biden on that issue because he's the real target. She’s just along for the ride."

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