CNN’s Smerconish on 2020 Election Polling: ‘No Doubt that You’d Rather Be Joe Biden than Donald Trump Right Now’

‘But it also means that there’s time on the clock for anything to happen’


SMERCONISH: “Four years ago, a poll at this time by NBC and The Wall Street Journal showed Hillary Clinton winning Pennsylvania by 8. In the end, it was Trump by 0.7 percent. And in Michigan, a recent survey showed Biden leading by 11 percent. Four years ago, it was Clinton who was already ahead by 9. In the end, Trump won the state by a razor-thin margin of just 0.2 percent. As USA Today pointed out this week, of the 104 published polls that surveyed voters in those three states from August through the election, 101 of them had Clinton winning, two were tied, one in Pennsylvania showed Trump with a slight lead, many fell within the margin of error, but 15 had Clinton up by double digits at some point. So what does it all mean? No doubt that you'd rather be Joe Biden than Donald Trump right now, but it also means that there's time on the clock for anything to happen and no matter what the polling shows for the next 108 days until the election, the upset of 2016 will give the Trump campaign fodder to hold out hope no matter what the data says.”

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