Planned Parenthood Endorses Biden: ‘We Can’t Afford Another Four Years’

‘The last four years, our most fundamental rights and our health have been under attack’


McGILL-JOHNSON: "Every day, people across the country rely on Planned Parenthood for the care and information they need to build their lives and pursue their dreams. Americans need a president who will empower women, families, and young people While Joe Biden was vice president, more people got insurance coverage than ever. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, birth control, STI testing, cancer screenings were all covered. 63 million women got access to birth control without a copay. During the Obama-Biden administration, we built toward equality. President Trump has tried to tear down our progress. Making it harder to access birth control. Sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. Blocking access to care at Planned Parenthood. Appointing a record number of judges opposed to reproductive rights. The last four years, our most fundamental rights and our health have been under attack. We can’t afford another four years."

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