Rudy Giuliani: Black People Call the Police Seven Times More Than White People

‘That’s not racist, that is in anything but the truth’


GIULIANI: “But as they raise the issue of some kind of massive police brutality, if you look at the statistics, only 10 percent of the shootings of unarmed people involve blacks, 20 percent involve whites. And the encounters, The Times has an article, a fraudulent article like this, they say that the police in Minnesota 7-1 encounter blacks over whites. However, they don’t mention that unfortunately and tragically, blacks account for 79 percent of the homicides. So the reason that’s happening is to protect the black community. The reason that the police encounter blacks seven times more than whites is because seven times more than whites, black people call the police for help. But the police don’t initiate focusing on black people. The black community calls the police and says, this man robbed my house, this man was involved in the murder, this person was involved — now, that’s not racist, that isn't anything but the truth. What we have going on is a left-wing narrative that is very, very false, it's very dangerous because we’ve had about 300 police officers injured at least. In my own city it’s ridiculous how many cops have been injured."

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