Fox News: African-American Man Dies After Video Shows Minneapolis Police Officer Kneels on His Neck

‘The video shows the man pinned down for a full 5 minutes’


HUNT: "Harris, I’ve watched that video several times now. It is certainly disturbing to look at. It shows, as you saw, a black man on the ground, a white Minneapolis police officer pinning him there. The officer’s knee pressing down on the back of his neck. Now, at various times during the video — we're looking at stills of it, obviously, here — the man is heard pleading with the officers, telling them he can’t breathe, and repeatedly saying, 'Please, please.' The video shows the man pinned down for a full 5 minutes as bystanders also asked the officers to let him breathe. Eventually the man stopped speaking or moving before an ambulance arrives and he is taken away. The man, identified by a family attorney as George Floyd, died.”

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