Dennis Prager: More People Will Have Died from Lockdowns than from the Virus

‘We are not even prepared to live for liberty’

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PIRRO: “My next guest says the worldwide lockdown thanks to the coronavirus may be the greatest mistake in American history. My next guest. Dennis Prager. Thanks so much for being here. You say — you have written an article where you say the lockdown is not only a mistake, but you say it’s possibly the biggest mistake the world has made.”

PRAGER: “I wrote that a few weeks ago. Now I’m more certain than ever. It may very well turn out and it may have already turned out. But over the course of the next few months and certainly the year. More people will have died because of the lockdowns than because of the virus. When you realize there were no lockdowns in 969 when 1 — in 1969 when 100,000 Americans died, and a much smaller population, so it would be the equivalent of 150,000. We live in a different age, we do not value freedom because the left is in charge. The left has never valued freedom from Marx to today. They may believe in equality and government. But they do not believe in liberty. I wonder how many people on the left, and I distinguish between left and liberal. How many people on the left value the idea on this memorial day weekend that people died for liberty. We are not even prepared to live for liberty. This is the most serious crisis in American history since the civil war.”

PIRRO: “There are many people who say that this is a civil war, and it’s getting worse and worse. People maybe not raising arms. Buff it’s — but it’s about as divided as it gets. People are feeling the people we elected in government who have no experience in science and no experience with anything like a pandemic are deciding rules that are nonsensical. You hav this Whitmer governor in Michigan who say you can go to Home Depot but you can’t go to church. Religion is under attack. Capitalism is under attack. You you can’t go to work if you want to, even if you protect yourself. What is their end game here?”

PRAGER: “I have spent my life asking your question. What is the end game of the left? Part of the pans lies in something Barack Obama said? 2008 at a rally. Remember he was elected in 2008. And he said, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. Joe Biden just said that about a week or two ago. If I’m elected we’ll transform the United States of America. The left wants to transform the United States of America. The right thinks we should only improve it. This transformative idea, this utopian ideal is the essence of leftism. It overthrows all that is good in its utopian aim for all safe. Safe is a mantra. There is no such thing as a safe life. There is safety in the grave. There is no safe in this life. If you get married it’s not safe. If you have children it’s not safe. If you go on the road it’s not safe. That’s the reason a lot of left-wing kids don’t get married and have children. It’s not safe. That’s the end game. The transformation of the united States of America.”

PIRRO: “Let’s assume if Nancy Pelosi has her way with this new $3.3 trillion bill that just passed the house and is in the Senate, is she as interested in just printing money ad infinitum so people stay home and don’t go to work the incentive they are creating with unemployment. And people whimming to do so working at homes and under the table are making more under this kind of totalitarian regime than they could if businesses opened up. They are creating incentives for things that are not part of the capitalist system that we belong to.”

PRAGER: “The Democratic Party is no longer liberal. It’s leftist. One of the distinctions between left and liberal is the attitude toward the free market. The left never embraced it and liberals always embraced it. There is one other thing you said that I smiled when you said it. And distinguishing feature between conservative and left. The moment I hear somebody ask the questions you asked, gee, what are the consequences? I know I’m talking to a con conservative. There is no asking of the left, what are the consequences of closing down the economy of the world. It was also done by non-leftists, I fully acknowledge. A liberal regime in Sweden did not do it. I never thought I would say god bless Sweden, but I do now. If there is a second wave, Sweden will be the most prepared society for a second wave in the world.”

PIRRO: “When is this going to be over?”

PRAGER: “It’s not going to be over. Once you get away with authoritarian practices, they will be repeated. This is a dress rehearsal for a police state in the name of global warming.”

PIRRO: “Wow. Dennis Prager, always good to have you on justice. New York City business owner just wants to get back to work. Graduation, prom, internships, summer jobs. Charlie Kirk from turning point joins me to discuss the effect on college students across the country. Some interesting stuff. Charlie is next.”

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