Tucker: Coronavirus Is a ‘Disaster’ for the Old and Sick

‘Now our helplessly elderly are locked in stinking cells cut off from the only ones who love them’


CARLSON: “That happened just that this fall, from what we can tell, none of these women is currently in jail tonight. Apparently the crime wasn’t serious enough, it’s not like they try to open a gym in New Jersey or dared to walk on dry sand in Los Angeles. These are not isolated incidents, far from it. Consider the following headlines, they are all from last year, a Florida woman accused of raping, Everett man who has a history of raping patients, 50 year lawsuit over the rape of an elderly woman. At the nursing home didn’t even know what happened, they didn’t detect the crime because no one was watching. The victim’s family was suspicious so they put a camera in the room. In Texas, a nurse was arrested for murdering patients, police say he killed more than 20 elderly people before anyone noticed. All of that happened in a single year, last year, 2019. What’s happening in nursing homes right now? We don’t know, that’s the point. Family and loved ones aren’t allowed in to see, chances are they would be heartbroken if they knew. How did this tragedy happened? It wasn’t by accident, our politicians did it, they did it to the most vulnerable people in our society, the ones who have earned our greatest respect, the Americans who actually did build this country. Now our helplessly elderly are locked in stinking cells cut off from the only ones who love them. Some of them are raped and beaten, thousands die alone. If they don’t deserve this and they don’t deserve the leaders whose neglect and bad judgment make that possible.”

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