Scarborough: ‘As Always, Donald Trump Always Tries To Make This Pandemic About Himself’

‘Listen to Dr. Fauci; Listen to Dr. Birx’


SCARBOROUGH: "You know, and the thing is, let me just repeat it again, all we’re saying here is listen to Dr. Fauci. Listen to Dr. Birx. Listen to the guidelines put forward, not by Nancy Pelosi, not by Chuck Schumer, not by left-wingers, right, not by the Biden campaign, but by the Trump White House. If they would just follow the guidelines that were put forward by the Trump White House, you know, we would see, I think, America begin to safely go back to work, try to avoid that second big wave. But, again, Donald Trump puts down the guidelines, and then can’t stay out of his own way. He starts talking about liberating Michigan. At the same time, he is criticizing other states that are opening up. Mika, there is no consistency. And as always, Donald Trump always tries to make this pandemic about himself.”

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