Gregg Jarrett on FBI Coercing Flynn: ‘Most Unethical, Dishonest and Corrupt Act’ I’ve Seen

‘I have never seen such misbehavior by government officials’


EARHARDT: "Let’s bring in Gregg Jarrett who is a legal analyst for Fox News as you know, has written books about this. Greg, when you heard this yesterday, what were your thoughts?"
JARRETT: "You know, I thought this is the most outrageous, unethical, dishonest and corrupt act I had ever seen. And I've been a lawyer for 40 years. I have never seen such misbehavior by government officials. The FBI and prosecutors for Robert Mueller knew that Michael Flynn was an innocent man. They hid the exculpatory evidence, they charged him, coerced him, intimidated and bullied him, threatening to prosecute his son if he didn’t cop a plea. And so, you know, they covered it all up in a perjury trap that actually failed when the two agents including Peter Strzok interviewed General Flynn at the White House. They walked out went over to the FBI building sat down and wrote a report. And in the report they said we don’t think he lied. So, that invites the question, how in the world do you prosecute a man for lying to the FBI when the FBI agents themselves say he didn’t lie? I mean, that should send chill down the spine of all Americans."

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