Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Wonders If Kim Jong-un Has Coronavirus

‘This news is developing and we will continue to report on’


KILMEADE: "Well, we know, number one, he is easily 80 pounds overweight. We know he smokes. We know people that have been around him when is he meeting with the President and he wheezes if he walks more than 10 steps. So if you see him disappearing, you know it's got to be serious for it to get to our shores at this level and the mainstream, you know it's more than likely real. It also means his sister, who is evidently the brains of the family and his key aide, is seen with him everywhere, this could be her moment to ascend, certainly to be in charge. The one thing about Kim Jong-un, he has killed a lot of his family. And he has killed any threat that might have been around from when his dad was in charge. So it’s not clear if the sister would be the one to step in, at least temporarily, or if there would be somebody else on the move. Remember, he also killed his half-brother. So, he has killed a lot of people that would be the obvious next in line. So, Kim Jong-un, we’ll find out what is going on. Also, think about this. We are in the middle of a Coronavirus. And if you look at somebody with underlying conditions, smokers we know are more susceptible to this respiratory disease, we don’t have any information but logic tells you they have a problem over there with no really healthcare system. You wonder if this is somehow related, but right now it’s all speculation."

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