Trump: Hydroxychloroquine Would Be More Widely Used if I Weren’t the One Promoting It

‘Many people are using it all over the country’

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TRUMP: "Furthermore, over the last seven days, my Administration has deployed roughly 28 million doses of hydroxychloroquine from our national stockpile. We have millions of doses that we bought and many people are using it all over the country. Just recently a friend of mine told me he got better because of the use of that drug. So who knows. You combine it with Z-Pak, you combine it with zinc, depending on your doctor's recommendation. It's having some very good results. I tell you, think if anybody recommended it other than me, it would be used all over the place, to be honest with you. I think the fact that I recommended it, and I probably said it back a lot, but a lot of good things are happening with it, a lot of good tests."

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