CNN’s Cuomo: Trump Will Never Escape Accountability from Coronavirus Outbreak Situation

‘You want to beat this virus, you have to fight’

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CUOMO: “The president of the United States will never be able to escape accountability and responsibility for what happens. He is our leader. Kicking it to the states after he told you anyone could get one — we know what this is about now. And you have to see it for what the is. Because isolate the problem and not the Politics. Woo F we don’t have better detection, we will always be behind. And for the growing number of us that are going to face the beast, it doesn’t just pass T progresses. It’s weeks, not days. It’s chronic and humbling. Your only chance is not catching it. If you want to beat this virus, I’ve learned a secret I’m going to talk to you about in a few different was. This advice to stay in bed and let it pass, no way. You want to beat this virus, you have to fight. That’s why I want to bring back.”

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