Hannity on Politicization of Coronavirus: Why Is No One Talking About the 26 People Shot in Chicago over the Weekend?

‘I doubt you heard about it’


HANNITY: “Put it in perspective. 26 people were shot in Chicago alone over the weekend. I doubt you heard about it. You notice there’s no widespread hysteria about violence in Chicago. And this has gone on for years and years and years. By the way, democratic-run cities, we see a lot of that. Senior director of infection prevention, Johns Hopkins University, just wrote “As of yesterday, the flu is showing much more of an impact on Americans than Coronavirus.” The flu. Now, again, perspective. The standard flu every single year kills tens of thousands of Americans. Does truth matter? Well, I wish nobody died from the flu. I hope nobody else dies from Coronavirus. We don’t want any people dying. I lost my parents. It sucks. At the very epicenter of Coronavirus in China, new cases.”

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