Peter Welch: ‘I’d Caution’ Sanders to ‘Go Light’ on Criticizing Dem Establishment

‘We have a shared vision, number one, we want to beat Donald Trump, and number two we want a much stronger improved health care’


WELCH: "I’d caution the campaign to go light on this establishment — I mean, that establishment includes people like Jim Clyburn, a civil rights leader. And the fact is that the Democrats, whether he’s calling them establishment or the progressives, we have a shared vision. Number one, we want to beat Donald Trump; and number two, we want a much stronger improved health care, Bernie wants single-payer but everybody else wants at least a public option, we want to shore up Social Security, we want to make college education affordable. So there are distinctions that are often made and sharpened in a campaign, and you’re seeing that happen now.“

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