Chuck Todd Gets Heated With Pence over Coronavirus Response: ‘This Just Feels Like Gaslighting’

‘Please name some names’


CHUCK TODD: Seems like people are asking questions, and they’re concerned about the virus. This, this implies some sort of political motivation, which is kind of gross.

VICE PRES. MIKE PENCE: Well, I will tell you, there’s been a lot of irresponsible rhetoric among Democrats and commentators —

CHUCK TODD: Who? Who is this?

VICE PRES. MIKE PENCE: — on the left.

CHUCK TODD: Name some names, sir.


CHUCK TODD: Because this is just — it just feels like gas-lighting. Please name some names. I’m — we’re all big — we’re all big people here. Name some names.

VICE PRES. MIKE PENCE: There was a column in the New York Times by a prominent liberal journalist that said, “We should rename it the Trump virus.” —

CHUCK TODD: Okay, that is — does that apply, does that apply to all people —2

VICE PRES. MIKE PENCE: — so that the president would be blamed. Chuck, —

CHUCK TODD:Does this apply —

VICE PRES. MIKE PENCE: — this virus began in China. The president took —

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