Joe Scarborough: Bernie Sanders Is ‘Lying’ or ‘Skating’ the Cost of Medicare for All

‘He’s getting away with, oh, I don’t know’


SCARBOROUGH: "I've said it a thousand times, y’all, Duh! Yeah, you’re stupid. You're really dumb. If you’re looking at — at us looking at results and you’re saying that it’s sexist that we’re saying she’s in fourth place and she’s underperforming, you’re not watching the show for, like, a year, which, actually, your mental health is probably much better than the rest of ours so I commend you for that. But I will say, and I have said it 1,000 times, the great mystery of this campaign is why Elizabeth Warren’s numbers went down when she actually told the truth about how much these programs were going to cost, and Bernie still keeps — I’m sorry, if not lying, he’s, like, just like skating. He’s getting away with, 'Oh, I don’t know. Hey, I don’t know. Who — hey, who knows? It might be this, it might be that. It’s — it’s — really, that sends a message, be as cynical as is humanly possible if you want to get elected president of the United States. It's terrible."

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