Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ‘I Never Wanted William Barr in Office’

‘I am the one who took him on at those hearings’

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KLOBUCHAR: "I never wanted William Barr in office in the first place and I'm the one that took him on at those hearings. What I do want to have right now, and I'd be glad if he resigned, but let's look at the facts here. Number one, he's not going to resign. But number two, why don't we have him come before the Judiciary Committee, which I've advocated for, so we can put him under oath and ask our questions? He has now agreed to come before the House Judiciary Committee, that is a good thing and I would like him to come before the Senate if Lindsey Graham would call him. Because under oath we are going to be able to get the information that I want to get about the political influence of this White House, how this decision was made that led to these four career prosecutors to leave their workplace.”

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