Fox’s Gutfeld: CNN Is Trying to Resuscitate an ‘Unconscious Poodle’ Called Impeachment

‘The media is giving people marching orders to do the wrong thing’


GUTFELD: “It's almost not worth it, the fact that we're talking about this, again, it's how the media is giving people marching orders to do the wrong thing. I mean, on CNN, they had another episode of WTW, Worse than Watergate, this time starring David Gergen, who's held together by masking tape and ACE bandages, I don't know how old he is. What would Gergen and Carl Bernstein do without these stories? You have CNN, which is basically like the pit crew trying to resuscitate an unconscious poodle called impeachment. That's all this is and as predicted, if this is going to keep happening, it's going to keep happening but they have to have a new trial for Stone no matter what you think about him. This stinks. How can you have a jury foreman like that?"

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