Andrea Mitchell on Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan: It’s the End of the Camp David Accords and the End of the Oslo Agreements

‘It’s not a peace plan, it’s a political plan’


MITCHELL: "Absolutely right. In fact, it’s the end of the Camp David accords and the end of the Oslo Agreements going back decades because this is a whole new approach. Now, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t work under some theoretical assumption, but this is basically a 're-elect Bibi, re-elect Donald Trump' plan. It’s not a peace plan, it’s a political plan, it’s a campaign document, because basically what it says is Bibi Netanyahu has tried twice and failed twice in the last year alone, winning elections but in a tie where he was unable to create a government, was indicted now and is facing indictment and potential trial under indictment, and you have a president under impeachment and we don’t know the outcome of that. We know basically acquittal, but what is the political outcome? So here they’ve got this peace 'plan,' which will appeal domestically in the U.S. to Christian evangelicals, to conservative Jewish donors, the Sheldon Adelson who is a major figure in Israel as a publisher of a major newspaper there, but also obviously here in the states a huge donor.”

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