Graham: Must Be ‘Blind By Partisanship’ If You Think Hunter Biden Is Not ‘Relevant’

‘Not one person has looked into what Joe Biden, Hunter Biden did in the Ukraine’


GRAHAM: "Right. Why senator Biden if he is not relevant now, you’re blinded by partisanship. They said there is not one scintilla of evidence the Bidens debt anything wrong in the Ukraine. They said it has been debunked. By who? The president has had his life surveyed top to bottom by Mueller. Not one person has looked into what Joe Biden, Hunter Biden did in the Ukraine. If you can find one scintilla of evidence, not a herd of scintillas, not just one, their whole class collapses. I think the Senate will present evidence there is legitimate concerns. When this trial is over, I don’t want to call Hunter Biden now, we’ll do oversight of the Bidens to give the vice president the scrutiny the president has had regarding the Ukraine that has yet to be had."

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